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What did you learn in college?
I might have to change this to my favorite sport!

Ah....I miss WVU
Missed 'Free' Cone Day? Replay today!
Skip the booze.
Skip the healthy dinner.
Skip the remorse of missing Ben and Jerry's yesterday.

Baskin Robbins' is having a 31-cent day!!!

Any flavor, anytime after noon. Boom, cone day Take 2!

and don't skip the healthy dinner but feel free to skip the booze. Now go hit the gym and make up for me (day 4 in a row = rest day)

Taking the day off from training as if the weather holds up like it turned out to be yesterday and it is right now (9:08am), then I'll be riding the Columbia course come Friday. might walk/jog the course after a lunch that day too. We'll see =)
Triathlon Tips
Day Before Race - Prep Tips

The Final Countdown
Last day to vote:

It's a facebook version of Boggle and it's sucking all my time away!!!
that and the 17 mile bike loop that I can now do even faster and faster! Yay leg strength!

Maryland Day tomorrow (mmmm...cupcakes), a 10K on Sunday morning and the Nationals game Sunday afternoon.....A wonderful weekend coming.

Also included will be my going through pictures from last weekend and maybe telling a story or two. For now, off to work that it's 1245. lol
Looks like we made it..............
Over the hump and toward the weekend, the legs still aren't 'fresh' from Tuesday's brick workout but they aren't sore either.
Given tomorrow starts a mad streak of rainy weather here in the Washington DC Area, I'll be going for a bike this afternoon that may or may not involve a run. Prolly a lap around the pond and then head into the gym.
Reserving more time for the gym this weekend.
We're 24 days out and crunch time is on.

Really only 24 days?
Writing it is kinda freaky.
While I made it through the training ride and I know I'm getting stronger daily, I still don't feel totally ready.
I certainly need to spend a few more days a week in the pool. I didn't even go on Monday!

Uck, and I still didn't write about Atlanta. Well it was a great trip and I hope to write about it later.

If I could figure out how to blog from my mobile and text it in, that would rock.

Alas, for now I'm off to teach Spanish of all things
<--Not a Spanish speaker
then train others followed by my long session.

and if somebody could remind me, I need to ask David what his training regime is like. I'm told he's overtraining
This is basically what goes on with me

Given that I'm up at all hours of the night and morning and yet I workout like crazy, this video seemed to fit me perfectly.
K says I just need to relax and give myself the chance to sleep. -sigh-

Brain TURN OFF!!!

Man, I still owe y'all a story about Atlanta -sigh- Hope it comes to see the light of day. As it gets further away, the less likely. It's what happened when I went to NY a few weeks ago.

You guys seem to miss out on the cool stuff, while my ADD head gives you garbage like above.
Eh. oh well. you love me anyway.
On the quick....
Heading out for a training ride (more on that later) and found $60 bux in pants! WOO!!!
E.T., no phone
Hate it when I forget my phone at home but that's what I did today.
Why do I hate it? Well you're correct if you're thinking that I can't really use it as a phone at work because "Don't you have to teach? or at least pay attention so the kids don't lose their minds?" Yea, I do. But I also can text really quickly and I'd like the ability to keep some sort of contact with the outside world.
"But you're on the computer right now. Other than not being able to get on facebook, what kind of outside world contact are you missing? You're blogging aren't you?"
I am but I also will have students in a few minutes rather than in the classroom at the moment.

So as I head back to my coffee and my Triathlete magazine, I bid you adue and hope to write later about my Atlanta adventures.

Ya see, yesterday my home computer f'd itself and I couldn't get online til midnight. Quite the fight but I won round 1. Round 2 comes this afternoon after a haircut and swim session. Too rainy for biking plus my knees are achy.

-sigh- To be young again.
You know. You know. You want. Juno.
Wanna watch Juno? Yes? the movie.....for free

Enjoy your afternoon. I'm still writing up the weekend review: Atlanta - part 1, Atlanta - part 2, Atlanta - Part 3, etc.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11
Welcome Back, Monday Morning Edition!!
Welcome back from Atlanta!! and what a trip it was.

If you're looking for more stupid stuff to watch, I've done the work.

speaking of work, Happy Monday Morning Everybody (there will be an afternoon, etc editions)

Link 1 -

Link 2 -

Link 3 - Family Guy

Link 4 - warning: if you hate Techno, don't watch this...but it is Lego 'sparta'
Went for a Bike today
and what a training day it was!

36 miles -

including the 25.2 miles of the Columbia Triathlon course! Woo!

Tired as hell and my legs are gonna kill.

I'll try to blog from the road as I'm leaving for Atlanta for the weekend.

I have other posts in the work. ---suspense...suspense---

Later kids
Birthday Weekend, Reprise 1
this was started Monday (Sunday morning actually...4am, upon returning from AC)

Sorry to have stayed away all day. I cleaned the shit outta the backroom and sadly it isn't even done, once again proving I have way too much stuff. So the fight to Craigslist my crap away continues.

Feel free to participate in my local battle against my personal capitalism....I'll load up my stuff soon enough to the sidebar....anyway

I'll continue on with my regular garbage tomorrow but for today, lemme leave you with the 'thank you's to the well-wishes I received online via email, facebook,ims,text messages. I'm not dinsinuating that I'm popular, as I feel as if I have a very limited amount of friends (mostly by choice) but to blanket-thank-you without having to send out a bunch whatevers to each individual.

Plus I get in a post today and isn't that what it's all about?

We at Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

OK - So I am a little late - but you were out of town. I hope it was a
good one and that you got to see some beautiful county!

hope all is well...
Extra Stout

David: H.S. friend/Faceboy
"happy belated old friend"

Lauren: Blogger/Facegirl/ex-gf of ex-bff

Jeff: Blogger/Faceboy/ex-bff
Subject: Happy Birthday!!

"hope all is well..."

Elizabeth: Blogger/Facegirl
"fashionably late as always, but just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"

Jacob Smith: Faceboy-Poker
happy birthday papi lol hope u have a great one bro

Tanvi: Facegirl-Attack
"Happy Birthday Brian :)
hope you had a great one!!"

Maria: Blogger/Flickr/Facegirl
"Happy birthday :o)"

Karen: BB2/Facegirl/'roommate'/my one true love (awww..puke)
Karen has thrown a birthday cake at you.

My sister sorta called. Strange sitch there. Nothing bad but not exactly a birthday wish.

Parents called.

Scott/Delirium gave me e-cards. they were glol! I love those little cartoon guys.

Ed wrote me early on but I forgot what he said. Prolly something nasty....but I liked it. lol

Hey bro, Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I missed it on Saturday. I hope all is well with you my friend.

THANKS EVERYBODY!!! (Most who won't even see this)


Lemme ask: who works
Cassidy & Pinkard ??? Thanks - B

Don't forget to check out the poll
The workout schedule I've been running for my pre-Columbia Triathlon, keeping me pretty busy.
I get older, they stay the same.
I was in the middle of my continued birthday weekend saga, reprise 1...when I had to break in with some news that prolly isn't so new to some people:

Our cleaning crew is fucking retarded.

I mean it. I taught some kids today that were borderline DEEERRRR patients but these wackos must be below them in 'making it through the world today' points as they vacuumed only half the rug that lays in the middle of the living room. They broke a picture frame in the bathroom (the piece that covers the picture) but put the picture frame back with the picture wafting in the wind. I'm looking at the nicely washed floor, that still has spot all over it and now some sort of sticky tar-like substance on it.

The counters are dirty. I mean come on, that's a minimum that dust isn't still laying on the dark granite counters. They're the first thing you see when you walk in. That is, once you walked over the still dirty front door mat and step onto the still crumb-covered floor of the kitchen.

And we pay these wads of waste to clean? They didn't clean the vanity in the bathroom but at least they didn't kill the cat.

Thanks rejects!

**Post-script to this story, they're in the service industry and didn't even say sorry when I called them. At least the next half-shit job they come and do will be gratis**
Sad state of affairs
Birthday Weekend
Birthday weekend begins tomorrow after work. Plans:

Go to NY. woo!

I'll do my best to blog over the weekend. I wonder if I can figure out how to do it from my phone. Doubtful...looking forward to running on Saturday.....Birthday.

yay me.

Anyway, busy busy.....ttfn guys
two polls to help you through the hump day
This is a foolish poll that I didn't make up (but it's a nice waste of time for a boring 'Hump' Wednesday.

**Check out my poll on the left too please**

bedroom toys

Tri-ath Update
Up all night is more like it.

Been spending some time on Well, on a kind of sister site actually and with that, only went there tonight. So where the hell have I been.

Had Monday off so swum 500 meters twice then sat in the hot tub, which I could live in if I had the right ammendities then trained two clients followed by hitting the gym for an indoor bike session. what.....22 miles in 30 mins? I don't remember but who cares. Legs felt good enough to go for a ride today.

This cold and rainyish Tuesday afternoon, I hit up a new part of Silver Spring and found some paved back-trails, new homes off Second Avenue, some super sweet older houses, renovated homes, blah blah blah....a visually pleasing ride, except for the lack of bright light rather than the shaded roads I flew around.

Up the gradual uphills, speeding through the downhills. Except for the chilled and damp air, it was a crisp ride without any hangups. Legs are getting stronger and lungs warm-up easier but my quads certainly producing the kinda of power necessary for the Columbia walls that lie ahead. More strength and power needs to be the focus for my upper legs. My lower legs, namely my ankles, need flexibility work. Not to say my whole body doesn't but I digress.
To Increase:
Strength/Power = Thighs
Flexibility = Ankles/Low Back
Lungs = increased capacity for oxygen-intake
Cardiovascular system = It isn't amount mileage. Not totally. It's more about how long can I sustain a level of work at a 'high' level? Endurance is what some call it but in an Olympic-distanced race, I think this term would be overstating it. Pick a term for me...if you can.

---Side note: I must report it's 5am and Breaking Away is on. LOL, how perfect as I'm thinking more and more about going for a morning workout. .... and the cat's name is Jake in the movie ;)

and finally, #4 on Sportcenter's top 10 is guys playing field hockey.
Field Hockey. Guys. Full-inclusion has now gone too far.

and that was yesterday.

Time to start the day. G'day! Riding Sugarloaf this morning. peace
Service Announcement
Now, I've never been one to be very outspoken or show major support for this or that but why not help these people out?

Doesn't seem like they've done much to hurt others.
Two Movies later
Tonight was nothing but staying true to 'the diet'
- Twizzlers

- Popcorn

- Hot dogs (that's right. more than one)

- Squishy (aka Slurpie)

But upon arriving home, Chicken soup was made. yby!

I just can feel the garbage sitting there in my guy, lingering and trying to attach itself to my mid-section. I'm losing the war of the bulges but tomorrow is Monday and Salmon is cooling in the fridge.

Let me limit the Wendys to special days and the Hostess to never, again.

Let Birthday-Week Begin
Bolivian Bonanza
Recommendation of the Day:

While the joint doesn't have the outside lookings of a 5-star diner, the joy of having a non-famous name and the hoopla that goes with it. The dumpster-diving look of excellent tasting food.

Not unlike the deer steak I enjoyed last night.

Well, Friday that is.

So this week starts my 'eat healthy'...unlike the picture ... from the Bolivian place I can't wait to go back to
I got a room at the top of moon tonight.
2 races in 2 weekends. How do people do it?
I'm taking on the Annapolis Triathlon September 7th in Annapolis (duh) and then a new race again, the Nation's Triathlon on September 14th in downtown DC.

My question is: Do people train in the week between? Do they ride the high of their other race and just physical recover and mentally focus on the next one?

Well, I'm going to have to work for burnout as there isn't enough time to rest more than once a week til May 17 (18th is race day)

Off to burn stuff Bonfire style
Keep your pants on
I'll get around to an actual title picture soon. and maybe even an actual post of substance...but for now, bedtime.

Anything people wanna talk about? Only one topic I really don't feel like discussing.
Was out for a day, now i'm back
I just woke from the dead and a good thing too as my legs are still a little sore.

On Tuesday, I had another 'brick' work out and I did great! 600 meter swim followed by a 3-mile run.

I guess it wasn't exactly bunched back-to-back as I swam in the pool then drove to Crystal City and ran past the airport on the Mt. Vernon Trail but still, I'm psyched. My body held up and I got video of a few planes flying overhead. Now, can I get them off my phone is the question.
Don't know but I would suggest anyone go out to National Airport on a sunny day and watch the planes come in. There is a certain parking lot to stand in that just kicks ass. I forget the name of it but wow....such fun! And what a great weather day!

Ok. Gotta workout this afternoon as I took yesterday off, other than going on a walk with my PT clients in the afternoon. Time to go apply for jobs too but good news everybody...I work at 10am tomorrow. woo! Late night blogging!!
bhahahaha (DMB style)
Got a big trunk? Cause I'm gonna put my bike in it
I really need to pick up the guitar. Can't believe that Spring Break is over and boom, I didn't do shit. LOL
But that's what a 'break' is about, right? Not doing much of anything. I guess I trained and that's good. Still lovin' the new bike. Hmm...did y'all see it? Not sure I got around to posting about my first ride.
Lemme post that here:

--From almost 2 weeks ago (jezzz where does the time go)

RIDE OR DIE! - a reminder that no help awaits the triathlete

The weekend was so good, it took me a couple to write about it. Process the pictures. Rest. Ride my newest Tri-tool!

That's right, after riding a loaned ride ...thank you Kev... I received a gift to myself for this season: a $2300 bike new, sold to me for under 400.

Sure I actually bought it like 9 days ago, I haven't been home to enjoy it. Today ended the streak of not riding outside. In my Sunday Best shorts and mandex, I took off this afternoon for a lesiurely stroll and that's where it changed gears.

I go about 5 miles down and I see a green sign that says: Poolesville 8 miles. I determine I don't really want my first ride to measure 20 miles and can keep to the 12-14 I set out to ride.

---That's as far as I got before I got too tired that evening. I rode 22 miles. Amazing ride. Good training route. Rode Georgetown to Nationals Stadium on Friday but hopefully I will get into that when I write about the stadium.

At any rate, the 'new' song is actually an old one but I really am getting into it. Here it is:

I think I'll need Ly or some partner on this one though.