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I was in the middle of my continued birthday weekend saga, reprise 1...when I had to break in with some news that prolly isn't so new to some people:

Our cleaning crew is fucking retarded.

I mean it. I taught some kids today that were borderline DEEERRRR patients but these wackos must be below them in 'making it through the world today' points as they vacuumed only half the rug that lays in the middle of the living room. They broke a picture frame in the bathroom (the piece that covers the picture) but put the picture frame back with the picture wafting in the wind. I'm looking at the nicely washed floor, that still has spot all over it and now some sort of sticky tar-like substance on it.

The counters are dirty. I mean come on, that's a minimum that dust isn't still laying on the dark granite counters. They're the first thing you see when you walk in. That is, once you walked over the still dirty front door mat and step onto the still crumb-covered floor of the kitchen.

And we pay these wads of waste to clean? They didn't clean the vanity in the bathroom but at least they didn't kill the cat.

Thanks rejects!

**Post-script to this story, they're in the service industry and didn't even say sorry when I called them. At least the next half-shit job they come and do will be gratis**
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