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Tri-ath Update
Up all night is more like it.

Been spending some time on Well, on a kind of sister site actually and with that, only went there tonight. So where the hell have I been.

Had Monday off so swum 500 meters twice then sat in the hot tub, which I could live in if I had the right ammendities then trained two clients followed by hitting the gym for an indoor bike session. what.....22 miles in 30 mins? I don't remember but who cares. Legs felt good enough to go for a ride today.

This cold and rainyish Tuesday afternoon, I hit up a new part of Silver Spring and found some paved back-trails, new homes off Second Avenue, some super sweet older houses, renovated homes, blah blah blah....a visually pleasing ride, except for the lack of bright light rather than the shaded roads I flew around.

Up the gradual uphills, speeding through the downhills. Except for the chilled and damp air, it was a crisp ride without any hangups. Legs are getting stronger and lungs warm-up easier but my quads certainly producing the kinda of power necessary for the Columbia walls that lie ahead. More strength and power needs to be the focus for my upper legs. My lower legs, namely my ankles, need flexibility work. Not to say my whole body doesn't but I digress.
To Increase:
Strength/Power = Thighs
Flexibility = Ankles/Low Back
Lungs = increased capacity for oxygen-intake
Cardiovascular system = It isn't amount mileage. Not totally. It's more about how long can I sustain a level of work at a 'high' level? Endurance is what some call it but in an Olympic-distanced race, I think this term would be overstating it. Pick a term for me...if you can.

---Side note: I must report it's 5am and Breaking Away is on. LOL, how perfect as I'm thinking more and more about going for a morning workout. .... and the cat's name is Jake in the movie ;)

and finally, #4 on Sportcenter's top 10 is guys playing field hockey.
Field Hockey. Guys. Full-inclusion has now gone too far.

and that was yesterday.

Time to start the day. G'day! Riding Sugarloaf this morning. peace

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