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Was out for a day, now i'm back
I just woke from the dead and a good thing too as my legs are still a little sore.

On Tuesday, I had another 'brick' work out and I did great! 600 meter swim followed by a 3-mile run.

I guess it wasn't exactly bunched back-to-back as I swam in the pool then drove to Crystal City and ran past the airport on the Mt. Vernon Trail but still, I'm psyched. My body held up and I got video of a few planes flying overhead. Now, can I get them off my phone is the question.
Don't know but I would suggest anyone go out to National Airport on a sunny day and watch the planes come in. There is a certain parking lot to stand in that just kicks ass. I forget the name of it but wow....such fun! And what a great weather day!

Ok. Gotta workout this afternoon as I took yesterday off, other than going on a walk with my PT clients in the afternoon. Time to go apply for jobs too but good news everybody...I work at 10am tomorrow. woo! Late night blogging!!

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