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Been a while, Bee a while
"It's 4:12" I say to her

We both stretch.

"It's like he's been hatching you" she says
"What do you mean?"
"He's been on you all night. You would move, he would move with you."
"That's why I slept so well" I exclaim.

See, I haven't been sleeping well in days but today is the day.
This morning is the time.
Race day is upon us.

My legs are heavy =(

Well wish me luck or a prayer from God.

See you in a week, as it's off to the West 5 hours after I land at the finish line.

Woot Vacation Woot
You may not like it but I may need it! Title of post is title of video. I didn't make it.

There he is. There he goes.

After days and weeks of watching Woot and Woottv, I'm officially burnt on the idea of visiting for a little while. Declaring myself burnt and crispy.

Through my mini-obsession, I forgot what it felt like to accomplish much of anything. I was reminded today though.

Howard CPS was nice enough to offer me a preliminary interview and I'm quite sure it went well, as my interviewer (a fellow teacher but of 12 years) jointed a paper full of notes ...
Not to mention, I'm a great interview.
As is the way I act in my classroom and during a poker game, I'm an entertainer first.
Improvisational style, Thank you.

That being said, I'm an athlete.
Better known as a triathlete.
I'm getting more and more hardcore with the passing days.

I was sick for 2 days
and I was mostly upset that I couldn't train.
Where before, poker was my focus,
what I see is Triathlon.
what I see is Career.
what I see is Life beginning!

Such is that,
keep an eye on the right side of my training schedule;
for as of 7:47am this Saturday morning,
I am 8 exact 24-hours away from my first run of the season.

Swim. Bike. Run. to be exact.
Fri 'Ride Your Bike to Work' Day
A day early, so that you might prepare ....

Though I may not be able to participate (due to a lack of a job), I ask that you please get out of your metal box and off your ass and into the saddle of finely crafted (or even a pile of junk) 2-wheeled, non-motorized, eco-friendly, lung friendly bicycle.

Please help the environment for once in your life without protest and without having to figure out if Penn and Teller would call this "B---S---", such is the title of their show.

It's a no-brainer that riding your bike, as the people of Amsterdam do daily, is much more eco-friendly and body friendly than riding along in your car or bus, not using many muscles past the extension of your right ankle.

So not only is it friendly toward the world, not only is it friendly toward your body, if you are in the DC Metro Area (and I suspect around the USA country) then you can even receive a free t-shirt and maybe some other free goodies.

"How?" you say? Simple! Sign up on THIS Website and show up on your ride.

No money necessary. Just the shown willingness to help save yourself and the planet.

Is that so horrible?

---Insert your excuses below---
At least he left the Skins' fans alone
Not that any of us actually go up for the draft but still.....
Friday Funny
Funny to me at least....and how bad can any Family Guy clip be?