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Fri 'Ride Your Bike to Work' Day
A day early, so that you might prepare ....

Though I may not be able to participate (due to a lack of a job), I ask that you please get out of your metal box and off your ass and into the saddle of finely crafted (or even a pile of junk) 2-wheeled, non-motorized, eco-friendly, lung friendly bicycle.

Please help the environment for once in your life without protest and without having to figure out if Penn and Teller would call this "B---S---", such is the title of their show.

It's a no-brainer that riding your bike, as the people of Amsterdam do daily, is much more eco-friendly and body friendly than riding along in your car or bus, not using many muscles past the extension of your right ankle.

So not only is it friendly toward the world, not only is it friendly toward your body, if you are in the DC Metro Area (and I suspect around the USA country) then you can even receive a free t-shirt and maybe some other free goodies.

"How?" you say? Simple! Sign up on THIS Website and show up on your ride.

No money necessary. Just the shown willingness to help save yourself and the planet.

Is that so horrible?

---Insert your excuses below---

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