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Birthday Weekend, Reprise 1
this was started Monday (Sunday morning actually...4am, upon returning from AC)

Sorry to have stayed away all day. I cleaned the shit outta the backroom and sadly it isn't even done, once again proving I have way too much stuff. So the fight to Craigslist my crap away continues.

Feel free to participate in my local battle against my personal capitalism....I'll load up my stuff soon enough to the sidebar....anyway

I'll continue on with my regular garbage tomorrow but for today, lemme leave you with the 'thank you's to the well-wishes I received online via email, facebook,ims,text messages. I'm not dinsinuating that I'm popular, as I feel as if I have a very limited amount of friends (mostly by choice) but to blanket-thank-you without having to send out a bunch whatevers to each individual.

Plus I get in a post today and isn't that what it's all about?

We at Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

OK - So I am a little late - but you were out of town. I hope it was a
good one and that you got to see some beautiful county!

hope all is well...
Extra Stout

David: H.S. friend/Faceboy
"happy belated old friend"

Lauren: Blogger/Facegirl/ex-gf of ex-bff

Jeff: Blogger/Faceboy/ex-bff
Subject: Happy Birthday!!

"hope all is well..."

Elizabeth: Blogger/Facegirl
"fashionably late as always, but just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"

Jacob Smith: Faceboy-Poker
happy birthday papi lol hope u have a great one bro

Tanvi: Facegirl-Attack
"Happy Birthday Brian :)
hope you had a great one!!"

Maria: Blogger/Flickr/Facegirl
"Happy birthday :o)"

Karen: BB2/Facegirl/'roommate'/my one true love (awww..puke)
Karen has thrown a birthday cake at you.

My sister sorta called. Strange sitch there. Nothing bad but not exactly a birthday wish.

Parents called.

Scott/Delirium gave me e-cards. they were glol! I love those little cartoon guys.

Ed wrote me early on but I forgot what he said. Prolly something nasty....but I liked it. lol

Hey bro, Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I missed it on Saturday. I hope all is well with you my friend.

THANKS EVERYBODY!!! (Most who won't even see this)


Lemme ask: who works
Cassidy & Pinkard ??? Thanks - B

Don't forget to check out the poll
The workout schedule I've been running for my pre-Columbia Triathlon, keeping me pretty busy.

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