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E.T., no phone
Hate it when I forget my phone at home but that's what I did today.
Why do I hate it? Well you're correct if you're thinking that I can't really use it as a phone at work because "Don't you have to teach? or at least pay attention so the kids don't lose their minds?" Yea, I do. But I also can text really quickly and I'd like the ability to keep some sort of contact with the outside world.
"But you're on the computer right now. Other than not being able to get on facebook, what kind of outside world contact are you missing? You're blogging aren't you?"
I am but I also will have students in a few minutes rather than in the classroom at the moment.

So as I head back to my coffee and my Triathlete magazine, I bid you adue and hope to write later about my Atlanta adventures.

Ya see, yesterday my home computer f'd itself and I couldn't get online til midnight. Quite the fight but I won round 1. Round 2 comes this afternoon after a haircut and swim session. Too rainy for biking plus my knees are achy.

-sigh- To be young again.

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