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After days and weeks of watching Woot and Woottv, I'm officially burnt on the idea of visiting for a little while. Declaring myself burnt and crispy.

Through my mini-obsession, I forgot what it felt like to accomplish much of anything. I was reminded today though.

Howard CPS was nice enough to offer me a preliminary interview and I'm quite sure it went well, as my interviewer (a fellow teacher but of 12 years) jointed a paper full of notes ...
Not to mention, I'm a great interview.
As is the way I act in my classroom and during a poker game, I'm an entertainer first.
Improvisational style, Thank you.

That being said, I'm an athlete.
Better known as a triathlete.
I'm getting more and more hardcore with the passing days.

I was sick for 2 days
and I was mostly upset that I couldn't train.
Where before, poker was my focus,
what I see is Triathlon.
what I see is Career.
what I see is Life beginning!

Such is that,
keep an eye on the right side of my training schedule;
for as of 7:47am this Saturday morning,
I am 8 exact 24-hours away from my first run of the season.

Swim. Bike. Run. to be exact.

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