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Over the hump and toward the weekend, the legs still aren't 'fresh' from Tuesday's brick workout but they aren't sore either.
Given tomorrow starts a mad streak of rainy weather here in the Washington DC Area, I'll be going for a bike this afternoon that may or may not involve a run. Prolly a lap around the pond and then head into the gym.
Reserving more time for the gym this weekend.
We're 24 days out and crunch time is on.

Really only 24 days?
Writing it is kinda freaky.
While I made it through the training ride and I know I'm getting stronger daily, I still don't feel totally ready.
I certainly need to spend a few more days a week in the pool. I didn't even go on Monday!

Uck, and I still didn't write about Atlanta. Well it was a great trip and I hope to write about it later.

If I could figure out how to blog from my mobile and text it in, that would rock.

Alas, for now I'm off to teach Spanish of all things
<--Not a Spanish speaker
then train others followed by my long session.

and if somebody could remind me, I need to ask David what his training regime is like. I'm told he's overtraining

blogging from your phone is just can't easily add pictures.

From your "settings" page, click "email", then you will notice the "mail-to-blogger address". You just fill in some keyword and then email to that from your cellphone. So if mine were, i would then text a message to that address.

But I think I've told you this before and you ignored me. Oh well. Figure it out ;-)

4/24/2008 3:59 PM  

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