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Bouncing Around the Room
Been a while, Bee a while
"It's 4:12" I say to her

We both stretch.

"It's like he's been hatching you" she says
"What do you mean?"
"He's been on you all night. You would move, he would move with you."
"That's why I slept so well" I exclaim.

See, I haven't been sleeping well in days but today is the day.
This morning is the time.
Race day is upon us.

My legs are heavy =(

Well wish me luck or a prayer from God.

See you in a week, as it's off to the West 5 hours after I land at the finish line.

Woot Vacation Woot
You may not like it but I may need it! Title of post is title of video. I didn't make it.

There he is. There he goes.

After days and weeks of watching Woot and Woottv, I'm officially burnt on the idea of visiting for a little while. Declaring myself burnt and crispy.

Through my mini-obsession, I forgot what it felt like to accomplish much of anything. I was reminded today though.

Howard CPS was nice enough to offer me a preliminary interview and I'm quite sure it went well, as my interviewer (a fellow teacher but of 12 years) jointed a paper full of notes ...
Not to mention, I'm a great interview.
As is the way I act in my classroom and during a poker game, I'm an entertainer first.
Improvisational style, Thank you.

That being said, I'm an athlete.
Better known as a triathlete.
I'm getting more and more hardcore with the passing days.

I was sick for 2 days
and I was mostly upset that I couldn't train.
Where before, poker was my focus,
what I see is Triathlon.
what I see is Career.
what I see is Life beginning!

Such is that,
keep an eye on the right side of my training schedule;
for as of 7:47am this Saturday morning,
I am 8 exact 24-hours away from my first run of the season.

Swim. Bike. Run. to be exact.
Fri 'Ride Your Bike to Work' Day
A day early, so that you might prepare ....

Though I may not be able to participate (due to a lack of a job), I ask that you please get out of your metal box and off your ass and into the saddle of finely crafted (or even a pile of junk) 2-wheeled, non-motorized, eco-friendly, lung friendly bicycle.

Please help the environment for once in your life without protest and without having to figure out if Penn and Teller would call this "B---S---", such is the title of their show.

It's a no-brainer that riding your bike, as the people of Amsterdam do daily, is much more eco-friendly and body friendly than riding along in your car or bus, not using many muscles past the extension of your right ankle.

So not only is it friendly toward the world, not only is it friendly toward your body, if you are in the DC Metro Area (and I suspect around the USA country) then you can even receive a free t-shirt and maybe some other free goodies.

"How?" you say? Simple! Sign up on THIS Website and show up on your ride.

No money necessary. Just the shown willingness to help save yourself and the planet.

Is that so horrible?

---Insert your excuses below---
At least he left the Skins' fans alone
Not that any of us actually go up for the draft but still.....
Friday Funny
Funny to me at least....and how bad can any Family Guy clip be?
What did you learn in college?
I might have to change this to my favorite sport!

Ah....I miss WVU
Missed 'Free' Cone Day? Replay today!
Skip the booze.
Skip the healthy dinner.
Skip the remorse of missing Ben and Jerry's yesterday.

Baskin Robbins' is having a 31-cent day!!!

Any flavor, anytime after noon. Boom, cone day Take 2!

and don't skip the healthy dinner but feel free to skip the booze. Now go hit the gym and make up for me (day 4 in a row = rest day)

Taking the day off from training as if the weather holds up like it turned out to be yesterday and it is right now (9:08am), then I'll be riding the Columbia course come Friday. might walk/jog the course after a lunch that day too. We'll see =)
Triathlon Tips
Day Before Race - Prep Tips

The Final Countdown
Last day to vote:

It's a facebook version of Boggle and it's sucking all my time away!!!
that and the 17 mile bike loop that I can now do even faster and faster! Yay leg strength!

Maryland Day tomorrow (mmmm...cupcakes), a 10K on Sunday morning and the Nationals game Sunday afternoon.....A wonderful weekend coming.

Also included will be my going through pictures from last weekend and maybe telling a story or two. For now, off to work that it's 1245. lol
Looks like we made it..............
Over the hump and toward the weekend, the legs still aren't 'fresh' from Tuesday's brick workout but they aren't sore either.
Given tomorrow starts a mad streak of rainy weather here in the Washington DC Area, I'll be going for a bike this afternoon that may or may not involve a run. Prolly a lap around the pond and then head into the gym.
Reserving more time for the gym this weekend.
We're 24 days out and crunch time is on.

Really only 24 days?
Writing it is kinda freaky.
While I made it through the training ride and I know I'm getting stronger daily, I still don't feel totally ready.
I certainly need to spend a few more days a week in the pool. I didn't even go on Monday!

Uck, and I still didn't write about Atlanta. Well it was a great trip and I hope to write about it later.

If I could figure out how to blog from my mobile and text it in, that would rock.

Alas, for now I'm off to teach Spanish of all things
<--Not a Spanish speaker
then train others followed by my long session.

and if somebody could remind me, I need to ask David what his training regime is like. I'm told he's overtraining
This is basically what goes on with me

Given that I'm up at all hours of the night and morning and yet I workout like crazy, this video seemed to fit me perfectly.
K says I just need to relax and give myself the chance to sleep. -sigh-

Brain TURN OFF!!!

Man, I still owe y'all a story about Atlanta -sigh- Hope it comes to see the light of day. As it gets further away, the less likely. It's what happened when I went to NY a few weeks ago.

You guys seem to miss out on the cool stuff, while my ADD head gives you garbage like above.
Eh. oh well. you love me anyway.
On the quick....
Heading out for a training ride (more on that later) and found $60 bux in pants! WOO!!!
E.T., no phone
Hate it when I forget my phone at home but that's what I did today.
Why do I hate it? Well you're correct if you're thinking that I can't really use it as a phone at work because "Don't you have to teach? or at least pay attention so the kids don't lose their minds?" Yea, I do. But I also can text really quickly and I'd like the ability to keep some sort of contact with the outside world.
"But you're on the computer right now. Other than not being able to get on facebook, what kind of outside world contact are you missing? You're blogging aren't you?"
I am but I also will have students in a few minutes rather than in the classroom at the moment.

So as I head back to my coffee and my Triathlete magazine, I bid you adue and hope to write later about my Atlanta adventures.

Ya see, yesterday my home computer f'd itself and I couldn't get online til midnight. Quite the fight but I won round 1. Round 2 comes this afternoon after a haircut and swim session. Too rainy for biking plus my knees are achy.

-sigh- To be young again.
You know. You know. You want. Juno.
Wanna watch Juno? Yes? the movie.....for free

Enjoy your afternoon. I'm still writing up the weekend review: Atlanta - part 1, Atlanta - part 2, Atlanta - Part 3, etc.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11
Welcome Back, Monday Morning Edition!!
Welcome back from Atlanta!! and what a trip it was.

If you're looking for more stupid stuff to watch, I've done the work.

speaking of work, Happy Monday Morning Everybody (there will be an afternoon, etc editions)

Link 1 -

Link 2 -

Link 3 - Family Guy

Link 4 - warning: if you hate Techno, don't watch this...but it is Lego 'sparta'
Went for a Bike today
and what a training day it was!

36 miles -

including the 25.2 miles of the Columbia Triathlon course! Woo!

Tired as hell and my legs are gonna kill.

I'll try to blog from the road as I'm leaving for Atlanta for the weekend.

I have other posts in the work. ---suspense...suspense---

Later kids
Birthday Weekend, Reprise 1
this was started Monday (Sunday morning actually...4am, upon returning from AC)

Sorry to have stayed away all day. I cleaned the shit outta the backroom and sadly it isn't even done, once again proving I have way too much stuff. So the fight to Craigslist my crap away continues.

Feel free to participate in my local battle against my personal capitalism....I'll load up my stuff soon enough to the sidebar....anyway

I'll continue on with my regular garbage tomorrow but for today, lemme leave you with the 'thank you's to the well-wishes I received online via email, facebook,ims,text messages. I'm not dinsinuating that I'm popular, as I feel as if I have a very limited amount of friends (mostly by choice) but to blanket-thank-you without having to send out a bunch whatevers to each individual.

Plus I get in a post today and isn't that what it's all about?

We at Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

OK - So I am a little late - but you were out of town. I hope it was a
good one and that you got to see some beautiful county!

hope all is well...
Extra Stout

David: H.S. friend/Faceboy
"happy belated old friend"

Lauren: Blogger/Facegirl/ex-gf of ex-bff

Jeff: Blogger/Faceboy/ex-bff
Subject: Happy Birthday!!

"hope all is well..."

Elizabeth: Blogger/Facegirl
"fashionably late as always, but just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"

Jacob Smith: Faceboy-Poker
happy birthday papi lol hope u have a great one bro

Tanvi: Facegirl-Attack
"Happy Birthday Brian :)
hope you had a great one!!"

Maria: Blogger/Flickr/Facegirl
"Happy birthday :o)"

Karen: BB2/Facegirl/'roommate'/my one true love (awww..puke)
Karen has thrown a birthday cake at you.

My sister sorta called. Strange sitch there. Nothing bad but not exactly a birthday wish.

Parents called.

Scott/Delirium gave me e-cards. they were glol! I love those little cartoon guys.

Ed wrote me early on but I forgot what he said. Prolly something nasty....but I liked it. lol

Hey bro, Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I missed it on Saturday. I hope all is well with you my friend.

THANKS EVERYBODY!!! (Most who won't even see this)


Lemme ask: who works
Cassidy & Pinkard ??? Thanks - B

Don't forget to check out the poll
The workout schedule I've been running for my pre-Columbia Triathlon, keeping me pretty busy.