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Silly Rabbit
Trix are for kids. But as of late, sugar is out. 1/3rd in some cereals. But even 1/3 less sugar is too much.

For example while the Froot Loops are a wonderful way to wake you up (without Folgers), they scream SUGAR to the extent that your mouth needs to reject 35% of to not wanna hurl.

-Insert Crispix-

This is the perfect cereal.
The better-than-Cherrios cereal.
The right cereal to do the job:
It calms it the fuck down.
I don't know if it's the entire 35% as that will be determined on the Crispix-to-Loop ratio.

Ever do this problem in your statistics class kids? Yea me neither. oh well. Calm down.

Just like the cereal every person needs to 'calm it the fuck down'. That the technical term we use around the homestead.

People just get way too excited over the smallest shit. I guess who am I to say what's important in someone else's world and that they shouldn't get so excited over something happening...or not happening. Whatever happens, happens and try not to look behind the curtain.

This guy needs to calm the F down!

Let's just pretend it's not Monday

This still leaves me rollin' in the aisles! "I HAVE PISSED FASTER!" glolol

3/10/2008 10:11 AM  

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