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Ya Hoo!! I'm a bot

If I hear Yamo Be There one more time, I'm gonna Yamo burn this place to the ground
- 40 year old Virgin.

And if fucking Yahoo asked me to verify an email I'm sending myself so I am sure that I'm not a bot,
it's curtains to the whole internet.

I mean holy shit and jesus christ,
stop fuckin' asking me,
you pesky middle school-aged program!

What the hell, you don't get enough attention from Microsoft?

There is no reason why it should take me 3 tries to see through your fucking number scribble. By the time I send it, I could give a fuck and makes me second guess (and third guess) if the email is even worth it!

"Wah. I didn't get purchased so now I'm gonna be all cranky to those that haven't completely switched over to Gmail yet"
Yea, that'll make us stay. That'll help you sell the company. "Hey, we're so secure that you can't even send email!"

I don't have enough bullshit going on that I need my email giving me crap?

Email is not always the picture perfect fantasy that people make it out to be, but hey, still cheaper than a stamp.

3/08/2008 8:52 PM  

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