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While I hate to 'launch' this site without having it NEARLY where I want it to be, I don't give a shit cause I'm just writing to myself and rather than just writing myself emails: here we go again.

After being asked to not come back to work on first response
02/20/08: Smacked Back to the Boondocks

He walks in the room and has a quick seat. He looks at the mother and can see he's in for a treat.
For it was her and the principal, he was here to meet, what he didn't know was that he was already beat.

He said some nice words and tried to play the game but what he thought was articulate, they found to be lame. He pled his case and only the truth came but in the end it didn't matter as he was to blame.

Not enough empathy or enough kiss ass, he gave all he could to this rich, bitch upper class. She had her mind set on not giving him a pass and wanted him out to pasture in the wintery grass.
And so it went the next day at the school, meeting again with the principal who had lost all his cool. The words were empty and being played for a fool, the young man just sat there with boredom, trying not to drool.

When it was over, it was the student that won. and not by a little,
the votes on their side weighed a ton.
School is place to be under the gun,
time's a wasting,
no time for fun.

No Time for Gum!

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