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Scene in a Crystal Ball
Yea ok. It's a well-known fact that if you're famous enough, kiss enough ass the team in one and probably payway or another, you can play an inning of baseball.

Shit, Jordon did it....and don't tell me that guy was really going to be a pro ball player; please. I'm sure there are more too, but who cares. Let em. I mean, if you could, wouldn't you? Ok maybe not with the scumbags of MLB but another certain current world champion team

So Yay for the over-the-hype, done-with-his-career, monster-of-bullshitters, Billy Crystal and his spout with the New York cheating Yankees.

That's what I really wanna address here (since it hasn't been written about time and time again).

The Yankee organization has been a tradition of purchasing players to make the playoffs and win the World Series. From the Babe to the Rocket and I have no problem with that. Free agency the way it is, unimaginable salaries....this is the way that our national pasttime has gone: Those with the most money, Win.

Shocking given that's the way America has decided to go: Off the deep-end into Capitalism.

The US Dollar is so low that you'd think the tresurary department will print the Doritos' slogan on the new 5 dollar bill (printed and released today, in your stores pronto!)

That's a whole other post, GO SOX!!!

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