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OPENING DAY....again!!
My First View of the New NATIONALS' STADIUM. It's from waterside (left) of the new DOT HQ building (beautiful building btw).

I can't wait to bring you play-by-play action. I'll have to figure out how to do it via cellphone so I do that during the season.
What I really need is for XM and Sirius to get their shit together and load baseball on my Stilletto! How money would it be to listen the game via satelite while at the game? That's why I like the thought of minor league games.

See ya after the game....well, maybe another post is coming b4 it. we'll see what kinda time I have. Gotta do another 1273 calories ;)

See ya from the game. Not sure where season ticket seats are but WOO!!

RED SOX Update: Preseason win but where is significant. Tell me why and win a prize.
In more special news, in their last pre-season warm-up/mid-beginning of season due to Japan/back in USA = Red Sox beat the Dodgers. Sorry Alyssa but there's a reason why we're the defending World Champs and have all but 2 returning starters. How do you improve diamonds and platnium? I rest my case.

Play Ball

yes, but from what i've been reading, xm will never work on your existing sirius deck. if you want both programming, you'd have to get a new one. sux, huh?

3/30/2008 3:10 PM  

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